Privacy Policy

TootLater does not collect or process any personal information from its users. The app is used to connect to third-party Mastodon servers that may or may not collect personal information and are not covered by this privacy policy. Each third-party Mastodon server comes equipped with its own privacy policy that can be viewed through the app or through that server's website.


For analytics, TootLater uses TelemetryDeck, a privacy-first, lightweight analytics solution that prides itself on being anonymous. The information collected helps me make development decisions. This data is not linked to you in any way and cannot be used to track you, nor is it sold to any third parties.

Payment Data

Our app is integrated with RevenueCat to manage the in-app purchase functionality of the app. If you make an in-app purchase, RevenueCat will receive a receipt containing information about that purchase. RevenueCat does not receive or process your payment information, such as a credit card number. You can review RevenueCats Privacy Policy here.